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Created 21-Apr-07
Modified 21-Apr-07
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After shooting about a thousand couple and group portraits at the Sigma Kappa spring formal, I wanted to alter the look, so I fastened my SB800 to the top of a light stand, aimed it at a reflective umbrella, set it to REMOTE, and set the D200 to Commander mode. I then waded into the dance floor, and shot freely at angles from above and below. The remote flash perfectly, even after someone tipped over the light stand! And the results are surely more spontaneous and true to the spirit of the occasion than the posed pictures that I shot throughout three-fourths of the evening. Those will be up too.

Incidentally, some viewers will be reassured to know that everyone at the party was 21 years old, and that, in any case, the glasses you see were filled with Root Beer!