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Jeanne Verdoux grew up - with a notebook - on the Place des Victoires in Paris.Verdoux's father was a graphic designer. What we learn from our parents without intending to!Maman was a writer and editor.Often for the pathbreaking ELLE magazine.The family subscribed to The New Yorker, and so received a Manhattan Care package every week. Jeanne "read" the cartoon by the magazine's stable of brilliant artists, including Saul Steinberg.She created her own version of Le Monde. — at Albright College.and digested travelogues of New York City.A tiny flip book captures the enormity of 9/11A Walkman put to good use. — at Albright College.Another small video. The table and lamp are drawn, the chair is wire sculpture, and the projection of the moving female figure casts the chair's shadow on the page. — at Albright College.Verdoux has created illustrations for the OpEd page of the NYTimes. — at Albright College.