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Nine owners and players of the Luis & Clark Carbon Fiber Cello, gathered in the Berkshires last August for a Carbonfest at the summer home of Luis Leguia, L&C inventor and Boston Symphony Orchestra Cellist. [the particular cello in all these shots is my own L&C]

For more information on this remarkable instrument, see
Jorge PaulinGerald ApplemanEric EdbergDerek GomezJulie AdamsLuis LeguiaMichael BaconPaul OgnissantiPeter Worrall

Guestbook for Carbon Knights
John Robert Pankratz
Let me compound Michael's connections still further. When Cocol, Julia, and I first moved to Philadelphia from Dakar, Senegal, we lived in a Society Hill rental home belonging to Nancy Grace, and designed by the eminent architect Oscar Stonorov, the husband of Miss Betty Stonorov. I've yet to meet Kevin Bacon, BUT the game, THE SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON, was created by my Albright College students Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, and Mike Ginelli, during a snow day off from my Interim class in January 1994.
michael rusli(non-registered)
Let mine be the first entry. I met John Pankratz (the photographer behind these exquisite portraits) just yesterday at his home in Reading, PA. I had a great time meeting him and playing his L&C cello. So much so that I just ordered one from Lius and Clark this morning. Of the 9 distinguished carbon knights, I happen to have 2 degrees of separation from Michael Bacon and Gerald Appleman (I know neither men personally). When I lived in Paoli, PA my kids attended Charlestown Playhouse in Phoenixville nearby. It is run by Mrs. Betty Stoneroff who belongs to two prominent families in the Phoenixville area. The other family is the Bacons. Michael's brother I believe is the movie star Kevin Bacon. As for Mr Appleman: Our local volunteer symphony (The Hershey Symphony) has on 2 occasions accompanied Jerome Ashby, former asso. principal horn of the NY Philharmonic, in French Horn concertos. So there you have it. It is a smallish world, and now I have at least 2 degrees of separation from the whole group by virtue of buying a cello from Luis Leguia who knows all of the group. MR
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