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Created 3-Oct-06
Modified 29-Nov-06
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Here are the best results of my weekly PHOTOHOURS.


In furtherance of my campaign to put fine art photographic portraits into the hands of everyone, the holder of files downloaded from this webpage, and bearing the holder's name as part of the filename, has my permission to create or to have created up to five (5) prints of any file for the holder's personal, non-commercial use. Likewise, holder has my permission to post on the world wide web - WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - any of these images.

I retain COPYRIGHT for all uses and purposes.

People often ask whether they might pay for the pictures I produce for them, and I always indicate that payment is NOT expected, that I regard this on-going portrait project as a kind of community service, particularly for those members of the community who could not otherwise afford nice portraits. If you feel eager and able to support this effort, a voluntary contribution would be gratefully accepted. Another option that I’d warmly encourage would be a contribution to the JULIA AWARD fund through the Development Office at Albright. As always, my greatest satisfaction lies in giving you a fresh vision of yourself and of those around you.

John Robert Pankratz